Cool Watches for Men

Really Cool Watches for Men

Clockwize online watch shop stocks really cool watches for men, watches that are unique and made by the world’s most innovative brands. Many of these cool watches are from selected brands and Clockwize watch shop have got beautiful and fascinating histories about these men’s watches. Understanding the cool factor of your watch a little bit could help appreciate that same cool watch you wear on your wrist, and Clockwize, the Online Watch Shop in the UK, heartily recommend exploring them further.

BULBUL Watches

pebble01 black steel on black italian leather111

pebble01 black steel on black Italian leather111

The Bulbul brand, created by Danish multidisciplinary creative design firm – KiBiSi, is known for its practical professional and cool looking watches. Manufacturing exquisite watches with a blend of cherry-picked creativity, the brand is one of the few Scandinavian watch companies making use of the Swiss precision quartz movements. The rounded asymmetrical Bulbul Pebble series is the debut design a for the brand’s collection. Its specialities are gorgeous watches for official and casual purposes, such as the iconic Bulbul Ore 01 which is probably one of the coolest watches for men.

VOID Watches

void watch analogue V02MKII-GO/LB

void watch analogue V02MKII-GO/LB

As one of the world’s most innovative watch manufacturer, the Void brand tells the tale of turning new ideas into realism. Originally from Sweden, the Void watches are the official definition of simplicity and functionality all in one item. Getting their name from the empty space between filaments “void” within our galaxies, the Void watches signify as a really cool watch that has a status that goes beyond just a symbol in the wearer’s world. Its specialities are gorgeous cool watches for formal and casual purposes, such as the refined Void V03D series.

AARK Watches

aark timeless karat

aark timeless karat

With origins from Melbourne, Australia, the Aark watches balance minimalism with beauty. If you have an admiration for simple watch shapes and minimalist unique designs but still a good looking cool watch, then the Aark watch is what you need. Carrying technically advanced quartz movements, the Aark collective is refined, simple, and original. It’s specialities


are cool elegant watches for formal purposes, such as the professional Aark Tide Gold.

AUTEUR Watches

Memento Midnight black

Memento Midnight black

The Auteur watch, formerly known as MMT (Memento), comes with a nostalgic cool look that perfectly combines classic traditional watch with the modern trendy one. With French and Hong Kong origins, the Auteur brand adds a warm earthiness to their products with an original feel which makes these cool watches achieve a stunning gorgeous but cool design that easily grabs attention. Its specialities are stunning neutral watches for any purposes – official, casual or sporting. The Auteur K Collection Circles is a perfect example of an all-rounder watch.

OBJEST Watches

objest hach watch copper

objest hach watch copper

The Objest brand is one of Switzerland’s premium watch brands making the coolest watches designed to be worn with “pride and pleasures.” Making use of Swiss quartz precision movements, the watches are designed to make the wearer look remarkable. The Objest watches are playfully tactile and come with impeccable quality. These cool watches for men are made from the finest materials that deliver elegant sophistication to last for a long time. The Objest watch is definitely one of the best value-for-money timepieces ever to come out of Switzerland. Its specialities are stylish watches for casual purposes, such as the Objest Hach series.

SIMPL Watches

simpl watch regal black

simpl watch regal black

The Simpl watch is an epitome of classical style with modernity. With Thai origins, the Simpl watch shows class in combining aesthetics of a normal watch with innovative elegance. The beauty of the brand is that it embraces minimalism on its watches without compromising on the required sparkles, style and quality, which is why it rightfully sells as one of the best cool watches in the market today. Its specialities are beautifully designed watches for formal and casual purposes, such as the Simpl Monochrome, Simpl Gravity or the Simpl Ochre series.

Clockwize Watch Shop

The coolest watches for men can be ordered at Clockwize Watch Shop, the online watch shop specialist in the UK. Here at Clockwize Watch Shop, we pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and high standards. I personally seek to ensure that our overheads are kept to a minimum, to ensure we can offer you the lowest possible prices. We value each and every one of our customers, as, without you, we wouldn’t exist. Our relationship with our customers is extremely important to us. We welcome your thoughts and opinions, so if there is anything we need to improve on or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Clockwize team at


Ladies Watches

To me, the best online watch shops for cool designer ladies watches is Clockwize in the UK. The number of different amazing watches you will find there is not what I found anywhere else and that is obvious because they are one of the UK’s top authorised retailers for innovative and unique watches.

Look at the great collection of brands, Eone, Slow, Void, Simpl, Daniel Wellington, Auteur, Aark, Wewood, Squarestreet, Objest, Triwa, Nava, Defakto, Ziiro and then tell me that it will be easy to find the new ladies watch for your girl.

It really does not matter if you are looking for a Swiss precision, Japanese or Scandinavian cutting-edge ladies watch at Clockwize you can be sure to buy a watch online that is an innovative unique cool design and your lady will love it, just watch her when she sees it.

Just have a look at the amazing watch Slow Jo 07 All Black Leather which is a perfect example of a designer ladies watch that will amaze your girl or if she is not into black watches then you might have a look at the Slow Jo 04 All Gold Steel that will show your love for her.

Clockwize watch shop has worked flawlessly over the years to minister a really all-inclusive scope of the coolest designer ladies watches that show their knowledge on what ladies want to see in a watch. They value offering to their customers and are confident that the designer ladies watches they sell tell enough for Clockwize to be the best watchshop in the UK.

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